Definition of Data Structures

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The data structure is a way of storing or representing data in the computer to be used efficiently. While the data is a representation of real world facts. Facts or description of a reality that is stored, recorded or represented in the form of text, sounds, images, signals or symbols.

Broadly speaking, the type of data can be categorized into:
Simple data type.

Simple single data type, eg Integer, real, boolean and character.
Simple data type compound, misalnyaString

Data structures, including:

Simple data structures, eg arrays and records.
Compound data structures, which consist of:

Linear: Stack, Queue, and Multilist sertaList
Non-Linear: Binary Tree and Graph

Use proper data structures in the programming process will produce an algorithm that is more clear and precise, making the overall program more efficient and simpler.
Standard data structure that is usually used in the field of informatics are:
* List the linear (Linked List) and its variations
* Multilist
* Stack (Piles)
* Queue (Queue)
* Tree (Tree)
* Graph (Graf)

Compiled by one or more fields. Each field stores data from a certain base types or from other types of formations that have been defined previously. The name of the recording is determined by the programmer.

Records also called structured types.


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